NEW Stand Up For Pits Foundation, Inc MERCHANDISE COMING Oct 26th!
It is our obligation to speak, plead and argue to end the discrimination of pit bull “type” dogs. Judging, banning and vilifying dogs because of what they look like is fear based ignorance. Historically and factually that way of thinking is far more dangerous than any dog of any kind could ever be. The reality is humans are the problem, not dogs. As advocates, we must educate, advocate and do all we can every single day to help save these inherently good souls who continue to be victimized by humanity. The atrocities done to these dogs is a direct reflection of a very broken society but their can be change if we all do our part. Use your voice, platform and take action however and whenever you can because lives are depending on it.
Wearing this garment with it’s message will create opportunities for you to educate others and inspire them to also be part of making a much needed change that will make communities safer for humans and pets.
-SUFP Foundation
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