The Lansing 53

In April 2017, a multi-agency dog fighting operation in Michigan was launched.  A total of 53 dogs were seized off of multiple properties, but due to Michigan’s strict laws on dogfighting, the fate of the dogs was controversial at best.  Five dogs were immediately euthanized post-disposition and news articles circulated suggesting the rest would share the same fate.  The Stand Up for Pits Foundation and Bark Nation were determined to prevent that from happening.  After extensive advocacy, education, and trouble-shooting, Bark Nation was permitted to evaluate the 47 remaining dogs and place them in appropriate care outside the state of Michigan.  The Stand Up For Pits Foundation provided a grant to Bark Nation to ensure they had the financial resources to save as many dogs as possible.  The grant covered Babesia testing, an essential first step for all victims of dog fighting, transport, enrichment, supplies, and anything else necessary.  As of March 31, 2018 Bark Nation had placed 31 inherently good survivors with transfer partners across the nation and they aren’t done yet!!!

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