You Could Be Next

As members of society, it is extremely important you know and understand that dogfighting directly affects you. Dogfighting is everywhere. It is cowardly, secretive, and it is morbidly violent. Dogfighting is being done by all kinds of people, in all tax brackets, of all ethnicities, ages and genders. School administrators, medical professionals, and pro athletes who make millions and are educated have been arrested and convicted of dogfighting in America. People are force fighting dogs everywhere. They fight dogs in trunks of cars, Uhauls, basements, vacant buildings, alleys, back woods, city streets, backyards, and on hiking trails…anywhere they feel they can get away with it. Factually, humans who abuse, torture, and/or kill animals are likely and most often times DO go on to commit crimes against humanity. Factually, a common denominator of death row inmates, regardless of ethnicity, age, or crime committed have all at some point admitted to torturing, abusing, or murdering an animal before committing crimes against humans. Where there is dog fighting, there is always other crime.

Dogfighters also;

•deal drugs

•illegal weapons

•assault men, women and children





•commit arson

•become serial killers

To abuse and kill an innocent life is sociopathic. These humans in our communities put you and your loved ones at risk. If we are to have safe and more humane communities for humans and pets, it’s up to us to be loud voices for the voiceless and TAKE ACTION. Good people far outweigh the bad and it’s time we take back our communities and protect the ones we love. If you suspect someone is preparing to fight dogs, will be attending a dog fight or force fighting dogs in Los Angeles County or surrounding areas call 1-877-777-2585. If you’re not in the Los Angeles area call the national tip line HSUS number at 1-877-TIP-HSUS. Call your local animal control and law enforcement and find out if you have an Animal Cruelty Task Force in your area and report it to them immediately as well. If you don’t get an immediate response, keep calling. Many cities and counties are greatly understaffed when it comes to animal cruelty so be persistent and don’t stop until action is taken. Tell others in your community, start petitions, contact city council members and politely ask for help.

Things to look for are treadmills, people coming and going with dogs, dogs being kept in crates, dogs in wood boxes or tied to poles, padlocked chains around their neck, wooden pits, as well as, noise coming from behind properties, in basements, cars or trucks.

If you’re able to take photos or gather details without putting yourself at risk, do it. The more details and information gathered the better it will be for investigators. It is a FEDERAL OFFENSE to attend a dog fight, make preparations to fight dogs or force dogs to fight. If a dog fight is in progress immediately call 911. If you hear of where a dog fight may be happening, REPORT IT to all agencies immediately.

REMEMBER you could qualify for an up to $5000 reward paid for by HSUS if the information you provide leads to the arrest or conviction of a dogfighter.

We are their voice. These are our communities. This is our country and we all deserve to live in safe and humane communities and we have the power to make that happen if we all work together to do so. Until then, no one is safe. You could be next.

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