America’s dirty little secret

Dogfighting happens every single day in this country. Many Americans believe dog fighting only happens in the country or inner cities or doesn’t exist at all. Not only is that not true, that kind of thinking is dangerous. Americans need to wake up and realize that dogfighting is a national epidemic and that humans who engage in this type of behavior are extremely dangerous. Dogfighting is not a “cultural thing.” It is a CHOICE. It is well planned, well thought out, and it is a FELONY. Our society chooses to deem the dogs victimized as “inherently dangerous,” rather than acknowledge the fact that there is no living thing more dangerous on earth than a human being. That is proven every single day. The animals exposed to fighting are victims, the humans responsible are criminals.

Sadly, the list goes on and on. This is a MASSIVE epidemic in our country and one that needs to be taken VERY seriously.

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