Stand Up for Pits Grant Application & Funding Policy

The Stand Up for Pits Foundation, Inc educates, advocates and saves the lives of pit bull “type” dogs and we support the efforts of other 501c3 nonprofits nationwide whose mission and work is consistent with our goals. In addition to funding our initiatives, the Los Angeles County tip line and front line rescue efforts, SUFP strongly supports those who also work to solve problems. We support new programs and ways to educate and advocate, so please share those with us. Depending upon the availability of funds, our Board of Directors will consider providing financial support to help those doing all they can to to create change. In compliance with IRS tax laws, we cannot provide funding to individuals, political campaigns, or lobbyists.

Grant Application Form

If you believe your group or project qualifies for funding and would like the SUFP Foundation Board of Directors to consider your request, please provide all of the following information:




    If you do not represent an organization, respond "none," skip this section, and proceed to the following section.


    i.e., the total amount of money you expect the project to cost from start to finish.


    • Submission of the application does not guarantee a donation.
    • Incomplete proposals will not be considered.
    • Recipients must be a 501c3 nonprofit in good standing with the IRS.
    • Recipients of SUFP grants will be required to provide SUFP with a video as to how the grant is being used AND at least one follow up post about how the funds have helped.
    • Recipients are required to provide SUFP with a receipt for the total amount granted.
    • Recipients who do not follow through on requirements will not be considered for future grants.
    • Please include your TAX ID # in the organization mission statement box.