Success Stories

We believe ALL life matters. No matter what age or obstacles there are. A life is a gift and it is to be respected to the end.

We want to thank each and every one of you who have purchased a t-shirt, made donations, supported the Foundation in the ways you can, and for selling out all the live events around the country. There is no such thing as a small contribution. They all matter and they all go towards our efforts to save lives through frontline rescues, donating to groups and individuals with dogs with medical/rehabilitation needs, educational programs and our many advocacy efforts.

There is an overwhelming amount of work to be done but much has been accomplished in a very short time and we look forward to being and creating the change we want to see and doing it with all of you. We are so inspired by all the work many of you are doing after attending the PIBBLE March on Washington. You guys are amazing Pibble loving people and dedicated to being their voice and that is exactly what it takes. We will continue to fight abuse and discrimination with you because simply put, there’s no place for it. Doing nothing is not an option.

These are just a few of the Stand Up For Pits Foundation success stories. Thousands of Pibbles and humans alike have benefited from the work the Foundation does. One of the many messages the Foundation sends and believes in is that people need to empower themselves – take matters into their own hands (examples on What Can I Do?). People must stop relying on rescues and shelters to handle everything and instead, do what they can to make change happen. The Stand Up For Pits Foundation has inspired others to do live events, organize marches, start petitions, place stray/found dogs on their own, report abusers and dog fighters, and be heard. By doing these things, we create safer and more humane communities for humans and pets.

We are all in this together. This is EVERYONE’S problem. We have the power to change it.” -Rebecca Corry

The Lansing 53

In April 2017, a multi-agency dog fighting operation in Michigan was launched.  A total of 53 dogs were seized off of multiple properties, but due to Michigan’s strict laws on dogfighting, the fate of the dogs was controversial at best.  Five dogs were immediately euthanized post-disposition and news articles circulated suggesting the rest would share the same fate.  The Stand Up for Pits Foundation and Bark Nation were determined to prevent that from happening.  After extensive advocacy, education, and trouble-shooting, Bark Nation was permitted to evaluate the 47 remaining dogs and place them in appropriate care outside the state of Michigan.  The Stand Up For Pits Foundation provided a grant to Bark Nation to ensure they had the financial resources to save as many dogs as possible.  The grant covered Babesia testing, an essential first step for all victims of dog fighting, transport, enrichment, supplies, and anything else necessary.  As of March 31, 2018 Bark Nation had placed 31 inherently good survivors with transfer partners across the nation and they aren’t done yet!!!


In November 2017, Lincoln was saved from euthanasia by a foster based, tiny rescue in St. Louis called Four Paws Sake. She was horribly neglected/abused prior to rescue.  The rescue was told she had a “slight ear infection.”   In fact, Lincoln was also missing half of her face.  Her cheek was completely gone.  Her ears were horrifically scarred preventing appropriate aeration and resulting in chronic infection.  She was on expensive hypoallergenic food and allergy medications, which not only could not fix her ears, it prevented the likelihood of her being adopted.  She needed a total ear canal ablation to give her quality of life.  So, the Stand Up For Pits Foundation stepped in and funded the bilateral ablation.  She made it through surgery and is now available for adoption!!!




An amazing group in Florida called Pit Sisters took on Darlin, a precious soul who had been brought into the shelter with gunshot wounds.  They needed to do surgery right away and needed some more funds to save her leg.  The Stand Up For Pits Foundation sent the funds needed and are honored to have helped save this hippos leg!!!  We are even more happy to share that she has healed and is walking!!!  We look forward to seeing her full recovery and want to encourage you all to check out Pit Sisters and the amazing work they do.  Congrats and thanks to all who helped save this beautiful life.


On December 12, 2017, Valerie was picked up by ACC in San Bernardino.  She was emaciated and missing part of her foot.  Some amazing humans adopted her from the shelter and soon realized she needed emergency surgery for a blockage in her intestines, likely caused from eating rocks.  The Stand Up For Pits Foundation funded the procedure and had high hopes she would make it.  It was touch and go, but not only did she survive, she is now thriving in her forever home!!! Valerie Wins!!!!!!!

The Flash

The Flash was a pit bull puppy, like so many, surrendered to the shelter. The shelter he was taken to was a BSL shelter. They do not adopt out any pit bulls regardless of age, and they euthanize any Pibble over 6 months–which is why we need to end BSL! The puppies are more fortunate and are transferred out to rescue or other shelters, which is how Motley Zoo Animal Rescue got The Flash.

At the Stand Up For Pits event, The Flash met his forever family who traveled down from Snoqualmie to Tacoma. They specifically wanted a pit bull puppy to raise. And while there were many other amazing pit bull adults and puppies at the event, including another MZaR Roadie Schechter (who was rescued with 3 siblings at 4 weeks of age from a homeless couple who fed antifreeze to the father and overbred the mother), The Flash’s family saw him sitting in front of the Tacoma Comedy Club, and they knew he was the one for them. They didn’t need to meet any other pups. It was love at first sight!

Thank you, Rebecca, for letting us be a part of the success of Stand Up for Pits and helping us find another great home for one of our amazing pit bulls!

Rescue made possible by Motley Zoo Animal Rescue

The Flash, now Max, celebrating New Year’s with his family. He is now 7 months old, 55 lbs, and growing!


This is Odin. He doesn’t have eyes. This precious boy needed a forever home. I met him at the Salt Lake City Stand Up For Pits adoption and fell in love with him. He even got in the kissing booth when Angel was on break and handed out a few kisses.

Odin found his loving forever home with Heather Beck that day at Stand Up For Pits. Heather got Odin tattooed on her arm and “couldn’t be happier having this amazing boy in her life.” This is just one of the many examples of why we Stand Up For Pits.

Rescue made possible by Stand Up for Pits Foundation


TERRA HAS BEEN ADOPTED!!! Terra was a Forgotten Dogs Rescue dog who met her forever family at the Stand Up For Pits Tacoma 2016 event! She now lives with her parents, Chris and Shelley Sasse. She also has an older Staffordshire Terrier canine sibling, Lola, and Rottweiler canine sibling, Ruby, to play with! Terra was a Forgotten Dogs Rescue dog who met her forever family at the Stand Up For Pits Tacoma 2016 event! She now lives with her parents, Chris and Shelley Sasse. She also has an older Staffordshire Terrier canine sibling, Lola, and Rottweiler canine sibling, Ruby, to play with! Helping inherently good dogs find loving forever homes is only one of the many many reasons our events are so important. We thank all of you who share our events with others and attend. We are honored to have been a part of Terra and the happily ever after she so rightfully deserves. TERRA WINS!!!


Finn was surrendered to a local Virginia shelter in early-2013 by his owner because he was moving into a smaller place. Confused and unsure of what he did to end up like that, Finn sat in his run wondering when his time would come. After a few weeks, one of our foster parents pulled Finn from the shelter and took him home. He did beautifully and was the perfect houseguest, but for some reason, no one was interested in adopting him.

Finn attended many adoption events, but he never found a home until one fateful day in May. You see, Finn’s foster mom wasn’t even planning to attend Stand Up For Pits, but she changed her mind at the last minute and decided that it would be a good event for him. The stars had finally aligned, for Finn met his forever family that night! (His mom and dad are, by the way, completely smitten with him!) Stand Up For Pits not only made this adoption possible, but it also helped Bully Paws to continue assisting dogs like Finn. With over 80 dogs in our foster homes at any given time, our financial burden is great. This fundraiser was one of our largest to date, and for that, we are truly grateful to Rebecca Corry and the Stand Up For Pits Foundation! Thank you!

– The Bully Paws Team

Rescue made possible by The Bully Paws Team


“I wanted to thank you for inviting us to your event and let you know that because of your event, Petunia was adopted. She was a dog that we have had in our rescue for about six months. This was a great experience for all the volunteers who showed dogs and we all want to say a big THANK YOU.

Rebecca without your event, this would never have been possible!! This dog is a really special, high drive type girl and it took a true pit bull person which was all that came out to the event, to appreciate her loving nature. Her new owner lives in San Diego and drove up twice to spend time with her and make sure he was picking the right dog not just the most beautiful and he got both! Please post her to give others hope.  Honestly she was one I worried I might have for a long time.”

– Lori Weise Founder of Downtown Dog Rescue

Rescue made possible by Downtown Dog Rescue



Daisy came to us in horrific shape. We rescued her in February 2013 from another “rescue” that had too many dogs and wasn’t providing them with the care they needed. When we got her, she was filthy, missing most of the hair on her back, had sores on her pressure points from lying on a hard surface constantly, a mouth full of broken teeth, a large tumor on her hind leg, and her hind legs were extremely weak, which we initially attributed to her being crated for long periods of time. Add to this she was covered in old scars, likely from being a bait dog at some point in her past life, and she was a senior, the vet estimated her to be about 8 years old.

She went to the vet immediately, and we scheduled her to have the tumor removed and dental work done. Luckily the vet got good margins on the tumor, which was a mast cell tumor, and most of her teeth had to be removed. She spent the next several months recovering in foster care. Most of the hair grew back where it had been missing, but she’ll likely always have some bald spots there. After being in foster care for a while, the strength in her hind legs wasn’t improving, so she went back to the vet. This time our vet examined her hind legs and informed us that both of her ACL’s were torn, and for her comfort surgery was recommended to repair them.

Thanks to the donations we received at Stand Up For Pits Tacoma in September, we were able to have surgery done on the worse of the two legs. A couple weeks after surgery and she was obviously feeling MUCH better. We’re fundraising to do surgery on the other leg, but we’re so grateful that Stand Up For Pits allowed us to get the first surgery done!

Rescue made possible by Stand Up For Pits Foundation

Billy Bob

Billy Bob

We rescued Billy Bob from an eastern Washington shelter in March 2013. The second we met him, with his big head and stellar personality, we fell completely in love. Immediately after rescuing him, we discovered he had a problem with his knees, which turned out to be a luxating patella that required surgery. Because the surgery Billy Bob needed was over $2000, we couldn’t immediately have it done, and we had to hold off finding him a forever home until he was taken care of medically.

Luckily the donations we received from Stand Up For Pits allowed us to get Billy Bob his surgery, and immediately after he was adopted by an amazing family. He now has a mom and dad and two girls to dote on him.

Rescue made possible by Stand Up For Pits Foundation


Here’s Sally, aka Savvie, the Stand Up For Pits Foundation Pibble that was pulled from death row at the San Bernadino Shelter in her new home!

Sally was a bait dog, emaciated, over bred, super sick (coughing blood) and set to be euthanized. Michael Rock Reuben and Thea Mann (Stand Up For Pits board members) saw a sparkle in her eye and pulled her.

She slowly learned to eat, trust, love, play and heal and now she has been adopted by my beautiful sister and her 3 amazing children living a happy, safe, and charmed life. I have myself a new niece and couldn’t be happier.

Rescue made possible by Stand Up For Pits Foundation



With the help of Stand up For Pits in 2013, Daphne was able to get the surgery she needed. Daphne came to us as a momma with 7 three weeks old pups. All the pups were adopted but Daphne was still looking for her home.

In March 2013 she was running in the yard when she suddenly started limping on her rear right leg. We took her to the vet which informed us she had a torn leg cruciate. After going to a specialist, we learned she would need surgery known as Tibial Plateau or TPLO to correct at the tune of $2,860 with our discount. We were stunned, this was going to be a HUGE financial blow to the rescue. Daphne needed to have this surgery done ASAP as it was affecting her quality of life. We have t-shirts available for donation but we would need to “sell” a lot of shirts to come up with that much money.

Because of Rebecca Corry and the huge success of Stand Up For Pits, we were able to raise the funds needed for Daphne to have her surgery. Daphne is doing well and is living in an amazing foster home with a canine brother who she adores.

Rescue made possible by Stand Up for Pits Foundation



Kissa was picked up in June 2013 as a stray in Yakima. She was VERY pregnant, and the Humane Society contacted us asking if we could take this family into rescue. Before we were able to pick Kissa up, she gave birth to 6 puppies. We pulled them two days later and transported them to their waiting foster home. Soon after Kissa and her babies entered their foster home, the foster noticed Kissa was limping badly on one of her rear legs. X-rays revealed a fractured and dislocated hip, most likely due to a traumatic injury such as being hit by a car. After her puppies we were weaned, Kissa went in for surgery to have a femoral head ostectomy, which we hoped would relieve any pain she was in and restore full function to her leg. Unfortunately there was nerve damage, and the FHO didn’t work. A month after surgery Kissa still wasn’t putting any weight on that leg, so we had to make the choice to amputate it.

The cost of Kissa’s femoral head ostectomy had cleaned out our bank account, but luckily Stand Up For Pits Tacoma was the week after we had her leg amputated, and the donations we received paid the vet bill! Two days after the amputation you would have never known anything was ever wrong! She was running, jumping, playing and basically acting like the goofy sweetheart she is! Throughout everything she’s been through, Kissa has been the sweetest dog you could imagine, wagging her tail, wanting to cuddle, and of course giving kisses! She’s now living the good life with her new dad and little canine brother. Thank you Stand Up For Pits for helping Kissa get the life she deserves!

Rescue made possible by Forgotten Dogs


This is baby Rhino (although her amazing foster dad, Josh, calls her Sweetpea). Rhino came to WAGS (Westminster Adoption Group & Services, a no kill shelter in Westminster, CA) in January with a large adult female they believe was her mom, Charlotte. They were picked up by Animal Control wandering around the Big Lots parking lot. Starving and sick. Both with severe mange. They’d clearly been dumped. Charlotte had the worst mange one of the volunteers had seen in 18 years of rescue and sadly she ended up dying of pneumonia, leaving lil Rhino (maybe 2 months old) sick and alone. They put some weight on Rhino and treated her kennel cough and mange.

After 2 months Rhino was adopted by what appeared to be a sweet couple. WAGS provided them with assistance in continuing her mange treatment and waited for them to return to have Rhino Spayed. They brought back a mangled starving pup covered in mange worse then when she was taken in the first time. It was obvious she had been tied up outside for 2 months and ignored. Her collar had cut open her neck and her head looked like hamburger. Her belly and armpits had nothing but open sores. They acted as if she was fine! And dismissed the wounds by saying that a “chicken had pecked at her.”

WAGS has begun the process to have charges filed against these people despite the apathy of local law enforcement officials. Despite the tremendous pain she was in, she still wiggled and kissed all of the familiar WAGS staff. Even worse, her first stool was nothing but birdseed and grass.

The vets began treating her immediately but she had to be sedated in order care for her wounds. 2 days later Josh picked her up to foster. A happy stinky bloody mess, but hands out KISSES for everyone. Bleeding everywhere as thick scabs ripped, she still wanted to jump and play, but fatigue has been the norm. Lots of sleeping, lots of curling up on her foster dad’s lap, and if it’s not available she snuggles with his precious Pibble Buttercup.

Rhino is about 6 mo now, barely 40lbs. She is eating well, taking her meds, putting up with painful medicine baths, and for the second time. Her foster dad, Josh, said, “the humans that tried to ruin the happiest, most attentive and loving dog have failed! It will take time and her lil body is fighting hard, but she will get better! Have no doubt!”

The Stand Up For Pits Foundation is helping baby Rhino on her long road to recovery. If you would like to help Rhino go to to donate and be sure to write RESTOR RHINO in the notes section so it goes directly to her.

I will keep you all updated on this little hippo’s road to recovery. #GoRhinoGo

Rescue made possible by Stand Up For Pits Foundation

Rhino Update #1

It’s been Sunday Funday for this little hippo. Her foster sister Buttercup and foster dad, Josh. Love, play, and love. #BestMedicine






Rhino Update #2

The Stand Up For Pits Foundation is SO proud of the amazing work Josh is doing with precious baby Rhino as well as WAGS and we are so happy to be participating in the recovery of this velvet hippo and share her journey back to life with all of you amazing people!! 

Here is what Josh had to say:

“Finally wore her out! It’s been an amazing two days. A trip to Petco, two trips to the park. (She loves car rides and will stop & sit in front of the door every time we pass my jeep in the driveway). We’ve gone two days without an “accident” inside and the meds aren’t making her sick (can you say full blown puppy energy!!!) Our potty break walks which started as barely getting off the porch have turned into .25mile pack excursions and she is not nearly as alert or nervous and excited to meet new people.

She is also healing so fast (lots and lots of coconut oil) which makes everybody happier. Since day one she has slept on the bed with us and it is no longer a sticky mess. I was able to kiss her lil head for the first time today when trying to get her out from under the covers! Each day keeps getting better!”

Rhino Update #3

Today baby Rhino girl got to meet her potential forever home brother, mom and dad. Here is what her foster dad, Josh, had to say about it:

“The intros went well and it looks like a PERFECT match. Rhino and Gunner hit it off right away. Gunner is also a WAGS alumni! Rhino will stay with me for the rest of her recovery (about a month), but if all goes well our lil girl is finally gonna get her happily ever after!!! I’ve got a few more weeks with Rhino and hopefully a few play dates so Buttercup can meet Gunner too!”

The Stand Up For Pits Foundation continues to be so proud of the great care and work Josh is doing and for the amazing progress of baby Rhino. We cannot wait to see her get her much deserved happily ever after and are thrilled to be a part of this amazing journey!

Maximus, Mona


we pulled this six-month-old German Shepherd from the West LA shelter after being removed from a homeless convicted dog thief/abuser by some amazing citizens who took action. We placed him in a beautiful forever home in Salt Lake City Utah where he is learning to swim in his lake with his human brother and sister!


a two-year-old female Pibble surrendered by her owner. SUFP Foundation learned of her terminal and very serious condition and stepped up to help. We provided what was to be five treatments of Palliative Radiation in an effort to improve what days, weeks, or (if all went perfectly) couple months she had left. Sadly, after three treatments, Mona’s health declined rapidly and Mona was laid to rest surrounded by an enormous amount of kindness and love in a home environment.




We rescued Jane, a 1.5-year-old pit bull, in August 2013. She was picked up in rural northeast Oregon by animal control and taken to a veterinary clinic for a 3 day stray hold, after which if she wasn’t claimed and a rescue wasn’t found she would be euthanized. Her owner was located, but they no longer wanted her. The veterinary clinic called us in hopes we could give Jane a second chance at life. We picked Jane up but when we brought her to our vet to be spayed, we discovered a host of health problems. She had a torn ACL, entropion eyelids (inverted eyelids, a very painful condition that can cause permanent damage to the eyes if not treated), and her teeth and mouth were a mess. Her upper canines were cutting into her lower lips, causing huge swollen lesions in her mouth. In addition to being spayed that day, Jane also had surgery to correct her entropion eyelids, and we removed her two upper canines along with a third tooth.

Thanks to the donations we received at Stand Up For Pits Tacoma in September, we were able to pay for that medical care Jane so desperately needed. We’re still fundraising for her ACL surgery, but we got her painful eye condition and teeth taken care of. She’s now much more comfortable while waiting for her ACL surgery! Despite everything she’s been through, Jane is an amazingly sweet dog, all she wants is to stick her big ol’ head in your lap and cuddle (and snore like a freight train in your ear)! Jane and Forgotten Dogs thank Stand Up For Pits for helping us pay for Jane’s veterinary bills!

Rescue made possible by Forgotten Dogs


Meet Robbie. Robbie was an owner surrender – they were moving and could not keep Robbie. Saving Paws took him in so he would not be taken to a shelter and Robbie was placed with a wonderful foster family, who took him in as one of their own.

I took Robbie home with me after the Stand Up for Pits event Sunday in Tacoma so we could go do a home check and meet with his potential adopter. He walked in and met my brood (fluffy littles) and was kind and gentle with them all. Even the Willow the snarky Chihuahua who nipped at his foot – which was bigger than her head! He stole all of our hearts and even my husband wanted to keep him which is NOT the case with a lot of my fosters!

Robbie and I headed out Monday evening to Eileen’s. Eileen had filled out an application to adopt him, after attending Stand Up for Pits and falling head over heels. We arrived to a wonderfully warm and comfy home where, set up in the living room was a crate and bed for Robbie as well as a huge basket of toys. Eileen lost her Pibble almost two years ago and was so devastated that she was not sure she would adopt again. Eileen’s daughter also has a pit so Robbie will have a new friend to play with. Robbie seriously hit the jackpot and it is all because of Stand Up For Pits with Rebecca Corry!

Rescue made possible by Saving Paws Rescue


“Thanks to the generosity and talents of comedienne Rebecca Corry, the funds were poised and ready to take care of Brodie’s surgical needs and time to recover. Rebecca Corry is not an animal rescuer herself; she is a talented performer who seeks avenues to transform her gifts into helping others. As luck would have it, it was recently her birthday and using the website, she put out a plea to her fans and followers to help make her birthday wish come true – and that wish was to raise funds to donate to Angel City Pit Bulls to help dogs like Brodie. Her generosity raised a handsome sum, and thanks to her efforts, Brodie is well on his was to the life he deserves.”

Rescue made possible by Angel City Pit Bulls

Excerpt from The American Dog Magazine


Meet Sadie! Stand Up For Pits board members Rock Rueben and Thea Mann headed to San Bernadino Animal Control (a very dismal, depressing place) because Thea had placed a hold on a pocket pittie and was #1 on the list to get her. Long ANNOYING story short,  Thea was pibble blocked.

In the meantime, Rock spotted a beauty, with boundless energy, being shown around by a very loving volunteer, who was doing everything she could to get this little lady saved (shenanigans involved tutus, “cute” head wear, and actual human tears), the volunteer knew it was Sadie’s last day.

Cut to, Sadie in the back of the car living happily and safe in her forever home with Thea, Bennie (Thea’s senior rescue dog) and not quite happily YET,  Lou-lu (Thea’s kitty rescue). Thea says, “Sadie got lucky, but I got luckier.”

Rescue made possible by Stand Up For Pits Foundation


Savannah’s journey hasn’t been an easy one! The donation we received from the Stand Up For Pits event in Arlington, VA was used to supplement the fund to help Savannah, live a happy, healthy, pain-free life.

Savannah’s story began in 2009, when she was born the runt of a litter and needed our help to survive the Parvo virus. Things started to look up for her when she was adopted at the age of 8 months old and became a member of a family. As is the case for a lot of people recently, her family hit some tough times and had to make some difficult decisions. One of those decisions was to give up this precious girl after caring for her for the past 4 years.

After a few days in her foster home, it was discovered that she did not use her back legs properly. X-rays revealed that her knee caps were permanently dislocated on the inside of her knees, called Grade IV Medial Patellar Luxations. She would need surgery in both legs as soon as possible to repair the damage and to regain full use of her back legs. To add to all of that, it was discovered that she has hip problems, as well. She could possibly need hip surgery down the road, but we will have the vet reassess after her knee surgeries. She’s had one surgery already, on her first knee, and now that that’s heeled, we’ll be scheduling her second knee very soon.

Without this generous donation from the Stand Up For Pits Foundation, surgeries like this would have been a huge financial strain on our rescue. Many thanks to Rebecca Corry, Angel and the Stand Up For Pits Foundation.

– The Bully Paws Team

More info about Savannah can be found here:

Rescue made possible by The Bully Paws Team


never post graphic images for the sake of posting graphic images and for the most part I believe graphic images are ineffective unless there is a very specific point to posting them. I am, however, posting these photos of a precious 7 month old Pibble named Hayden…

Yesterday Hayden was let out of his foster (being fostered by The Crazy Lady Pit Bull Rescue in Phoenix AZ) mom’s yard by a transient and then violently beaten almost to death. The transient was later arrested and is now in custody. Hayden is alive. He has a large hematoma on top of his skull and his eyes are no longer working due to the swelling of his brain. He has broken teeth that punctured his tongue several times during the beating. He is severely bruised and has a broken nose. At this time his injuries do not appear to be life threatening but he has a long road ahead to a full mental and physical recovery as well as more tests.

As of today, The Stand Up For Pits Foundation is now aiding in the rehabilitation of Hayden’s full recovery.

Violence against animals, especially against our beloved breed must end. This is a very unfortunate circumstance that no one wanted or expected to happen. The Stand Up For Pits Foundation is honored to be aiding in the recovery of beautiful Hayden. We must all focus on him healing and one day getting to live the life he so rightfully deserves. Let’s also rally together and show support. Offer ideas and solutions to each other as to how to prevent this from ever happening again. Make law makers and law enforcement aware of what happened to Hayden and lobby for stricter laws against humans who abuse animals and demand they hire more ACTF and law enforcement officers who can enforce those laws. This horrific incident should be looked at as yet another opportunity to be heard and to be the voice of the voiceless. We will do this for Hayden and the millions more like him. Continue to keep working together and being their voice.

I will update you on Hayden’s progress as it is made known to me. #goHAYDENgo






Hayden Update

We have gotten word that Hayden has regained the use of his eyes and is improving daily. The court date for his abuser is 8:30am tomorrow morning in Phoenix.

We are so happy to see this precious little Pibble is doing better and hope all parties involved in this case are punished to the full extent. #GoHaydenGo!





Meet Lucille, when her would-be foster mom walked into the shelter on Lucille’s first full day as a shelter dog, you smelled her long before you saw her: a thick yeast stench pervaded the kennel from her red, raw inflamed paws. Within the coming days, she would lose all of her fur on her underside. But the condition of her skin seemed minor compared to her body: before us stood a large breed adolescent dog, literally, a 50 pound shaking skeleton.  In her new foster home, Lucille was not the adolescent puppy she should have been at her age. She spent her days laying in a bed covered in blankets, drinking buckets of water at a time, and being hand-fed nine cups of food over the course of the day. She was too weak to walk past the end of the two-car driveway or jump in the car on her own. 

After a month as a Bully Paws dog, Lucille was up to 75 pounds, on her second form of treatment for demodex, on her third round of different antibiotics, down to eating six cups of food a day, able to walk past the driveway and chase a ball in the yard. The bills for her care were adding up.  A portion of the donation we received from the Stand Up For Pits show in Arlington, VA was used to help pay down the vet bill for Lucille’s care and to refill our food pantry.  ? 

Luckily, life continued to look up for Lucille. Soft, shiny fur began to grow and a family started to fall in love with her.  When she was adopted, Lucille was 80 pounds, down to eating five cups of food a day and able to walk over a mile at a time or keep up zoomies and romps with her pit bull friends! She’s found her “furever” home and she keeps them laughing with her silly, high-spirited antics.

Thank you, Rebecca Corry, the Stand Up For Pits Foundation, and of course, the lovely Angel for your generous support!

Candice Owens

Board Member
Northern Region Volunteer Coordinator
Bully Paws Pit Bull Patriots Inc.
Twitter:   @BullyPawsRescue


Founder and President
The Animal Shelter Project
Helping Shelters with the PAWticulars…


Banksy was adopted at six months, when he began exhibiting considerable separation anxiety. His family worked with him, but at about 1.5 years, Banksy began displaying aggressive behavior and bit four men. His family was working with a trainer, but it became apparent they could not provide the environment Banksy needed to thrive. They were beginning to consider euthanasia, but knew there must be another option and reached out to us for help. We networked Banksy and were thrilled when the amazing Steffen Baldwin agreed to take him on!!!! The also amazing Jason Dean Cooke drove round trip, from Ohio to Los Angeles and back again, to deliver Banksy to Steffen, with the SUFP Foundation covering the cost of transport. Banksy is now thriving in Steffen’s care and we could not be happier! It takes a village and this village saved this little guy’s life.


Rescue made possible by Stand Up For Pits Foundation




In October 2016, we received a letter from a woman named Alice about a dog who was living in an auto yard tethered to a chain in deplorable conditions. He was 9 years old, had cataracts, was very thin and was covered in flies, fleas and his skin was infected. Alice contacted every Los Angeles and surrounding area rescue and no one responded except SUFP. We advised and guided her through the needed steps in order to save this elderbull she had now named, Blue. After a week of sharing and making pleas on all our social media platforms, a foster stepped up and was willing to take Blue in! Since that day, the SUFP Foundation covered all of Blue’s medical expenses and remained committed to continuing covering his much needed care until a rescue stepped in. A rescue never did step in. Blue continued to improve mentally and physically day by day. We got him neutered and his skin in a healthy place and we are thrilled to report that a little over a month after his rescue, Blue was adopted by his foster! After nursing him back to health and caring for him around the clock, Blue’s incredible foster family decided that he was right where he belonged and we couldn’t agree more. Blue made a complete 180, both physically and mentally, and we were so grateful for the dedication of those who involved in his rescue. Blue reminded us, that people need to stop relying on rescues and continue to take action when needed. Blue was a group effort and because of the amazing dedication of everyone, he will no longer be confined by a 20 lb. chain, he will never sleep alone outside, be infested with flies or ticks, or go years without medical care. Blue now has a giant backyard to run around in, endless toys to play with, and oatmeal baths. He goes for walks with his humans and, best of all, he sleeps inside with them. Blue is LOVED. Click here to watch Blue run with joy in his new backyard.

Rescue made possible by Stand Up For Pits Foundation


Jasmine is an adorable speckle-nosed, cross-eyed hippo who was being fostered by longtime SUFP supporter and PIBBLE march speaker, Stephanie Doris. When another longtime SUFP supporter, and fellow PIBBLE marcher, Natalie, expressed interest in adopting Jazzy, it seemed like a perfect match! However, Jazzy was in Los Angeles and Natalie lived in Michigan with her pibble Lola. To ensure a successful introduction and integration, Stephanie volunteered to transport Jazzy and facilitate the transition and the SUFP Foundation funded the transport and covered all related costs. We are so happy to report that Jazzy not only successfully integrated into the home, she is now thriving in her loving home with her pibble sister!!! You can follow her adventures at Life with Lola & Jazzy.

Rescue made possible by Stand Up For Pits Foundation

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