Banksy’s Story

banksyBanksy was adopted at six months, when he began exhibiting considerable separation anxiety. His family worked with him, but at about 1.5 years, Banksy began displaying aggressive behavior and bit four men. His family was working with a trainer, but it became apparent they could not provide the environment Banksy needed to thrive. They were beginning to consider euthanasia, but knew there must be another option and reached out to us for help. We networked Banksy and were thrilled when the amazing Steffen Baldwin agreed to take him on!!!! The also amazing Jason Dean Cooke drove round trip, from Ohio to Los Angeles and back again, to deliver Banksy to Steffen, with the SUFP Foundation covering the cost of transport. Banksy is now thriving in Steffen’s care and we could not be happier! It takes a village and this village saved this little guy’s life.


Rescue made possible by Stand Up For Pits Foundation

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