Blue’s Story

fullsizerender-77In October 2016, we received a letter from a woman named Alice about a dog who was living in an auto yard tethered to a chain in deplorable conditions. He was 9 years old, had cataracts, was very thin and was covered in flies, fleas and his skin was infected. Alice contacted every Los Angeles and surrounding area rescue and no one responded except SUFP. We advised and guided her through the needed steps in order to save this elderbull she had now named, Blue. After a week of sharing and making pleas on all our social media platforms, a foster stepped up and was willing to take Blue in! Since that day, the SUFP Foundation covered all of Blue’s medical expenses and remained committed to continuing covering his much needed care until a rescue stepped in. A rescue never did step in. Blue continued to improve mentally and physically day by day. We got him neutered and his skin in a healthy place and we are thrilled to report that a little over a month after his rescue, Blue was adopted by his foster! After nursing him back to health and caring for him around the clock, Blue’s incredible foster family decided that he was right where he belonged and we couldn’t agree more. Blue made a complete 180, both physically and mentally, and we were so grateful for the dedication of those who involved in his rescue. Blue reminded us, that people need to stop relying on rescues and continue to take action when needed. Blue was a group effort and because of the amazing dedication of everyone, he will no longer be confined by a 20 lb. chain, he will never sleep alone outside, be infested with flies or ticks, or go years without medical care. Blue now has a giant backyard to run around in, endless toys to play with, and oatmeal baths. He goes for walks with his humans and, best of all, he sleeps inside with them. Blue is LOVED. Click here to watch Blue run with joy in his new backyard.

Rescue made possible by Stand Up For Pits Foundation


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