Daisy’s Story

Daisy Stand Up For PitsDaisy came to us in horrific shape. We rescued her in February 2013 from another “rescue” that had too many dogs and wasn’t providing them with the care they needed. When we got her, she was filthy, missing most of the hair on her back, had sores on her pressure points from lying on a hard surface constantly, a mouth full of broken teeth, a large tumor on her hind leg, and her hind legs were extremely weak, which we initially attributed to her being crated for long periods of time. Add to this she was covered in old scars, likely from being a bait dog at some point in her past life, and she was a senior, the vet estimated her to be about 8 years old.

She went to the vet immediately, and we scheduled her to have the tumor removed and dental work done. Luckily the vet got good margins on the tumor, which was a mast cell tumor, and most of her teeth had to be removed. She spent the next several months recovering in foster care. Most of the hair grew back where it had been missing, but she’ll likely always have some bald spots there. After being in foster care for a while, the strength in her hind legs wasn’t improving, so she went back to the vet. This time our vet examined her hind legs and informed us that both of her ACL’s were torn, and for her comfort surgery was recommended to repair them.

Thanks to the donations we received at Stand Up For Pits Tacoma in September, we were able to have surgery done on the worse of the two legs. A couple weeks after surgery and she was obviously feeling MUCH better. We’re fundraising to do surgery on the other leg, but we’re so grateful that Stand Up For Pits allowed us to get the first surgery done!

Rescue made possible by Stand Up For Pits Foundation

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