Jane’s Story

Jane Stand Up For PitsWe rescued Jane, a 1.5-year-old pit bull, in August 2013. She was picked up in rural northeast Oregon by animal control and taken to a veterinary clinic for a 3 day stray hold, after which if she wasn’t claimed and a rescue wasn’t found she would be euthanized. Her owner was located, but they no longer wanted her. The veterinary clinic called us in hopes we could give Jane a second chance at life. We picked Jane up but when we brought her to our vet to be spayed, we discovered a host of health problems. She had a torn ACL, entropion eyelids (inverted eyelids, a very painful condition that can cause permanent damage to the eyes if not treated), and her teeth and mouth were a mess. Her upper canines were cutting into her lower lips, causing huge swollen lesions in her mouth. In addition to being spayed that day, Jane also had surgery to correct her entropion eyelids, and we removed her two upper canines along with a third tooth.

Thanks to the donations we received at Stand Up For Pits Tacoma in September, we were able to pay for that medical care Jane so desperately needed. We’re still fundraising for her ACL surgery, but we got her painful eye condition and teeth taken care of. She’s now much more comfortable while waiting for her ACL surgery! Despite everything she’s been through, Jane is an amazingly sweet dog, all she wants is to stick her big ol’ head in your lap and cuddle (and snore like a freight train in your ear)! Jane and Forgotten Dogs thank Stand Up For Pits for helping us pay for Jane’s veterinary bills!

Rescue made possible by Forgotten Dogs

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