Jazzy’s Story

jazzy3Jasmine is an adorable speckle-nosed, cross-eyed hippo who was being fostered by longtime SUFP supporter and PIBBLE march speaker, Stephanie Doris. When another longtime SUFP supporter, and fellow PIBBLE marcher, Natalie, expressed interest in adopting Jazzy, it seemed like a perfect match! However, Jazzy was in Los Angeles and Natalie lived in Michigan with her pibble Lola. To ensure a successful introduction and integration, Stephanie volunteered to transport Jazzy and facilitate the transition and the SUFP Foundation funded the transport and covered all related costs. We are so happy to report that Jazzy not only successfully integrated into the home, she is now thriving in her loving home with her pibble sister!!! You can follow her adventures at Life with Lola & Jazzy.

Rescue made possible by Stand Up For Pits Foundation

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