Kissa’s Story

Kissa Stand Up For PitsKissa was picked up in June 2013 as a stray in Yakima. She was VERY pregnant, and the Humane Society contacted us asking if we could take this family into rescue. Before we were able to pick Kissa up, she gave birth to 6 puppies. We pulled them two days later and transported them to their waiting foster home. Soon after Kissa and her babies entered their foster home, the foster noticed Kissa was limping badly on one of her rear legs. X-rays revealed a fractured and dislocated hip, most likely due to a traumatic injury such as being hit by a car. After her puppies we were weaned, Kissa went in for surgery to have a femoral head ostectomy, which we hoped would relieve any pain she was in and restore full function to her leg. Unfortunately there was nerve damage, and the FHO didn’t work. A month after surgery Kissa still wasn’t putting any weight on that leg, so we had to make the choice to amputate it.

The cost of Kissa’s femoral head ostectomy had cleaned out our bank account, but luckily Stand Up For Pits Tacoma was the week after we had her leg amputated, and the donations we received paid the vet bill! Two days after the amputation you would have never known anything was ever wrong! She was running, jumping, playing and basically acting like the goofy sweetheart she is! Throughout everything she’s been through, Kissa has been the sweetest dog you could imagine, wagging her tail, wanting to cuddle, and of course giving kisses! She’s now living the good life with her new dad and little canine brother. Thank you Stand Up For Pits for helping Kissa get the life she deserves!

Rescue made possible by Forgotten Dogs

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