Sadie’s Story

SadieMeet Sadie! Stand Up For Pits board members Rock Rueben and Thea Mann headed to San Bernadino Animal Control (a very dismal, depressing place) because Thea had placed a hold on a pocket pittie and was #1 on the list to get her. Long ANNOYING story short,  Thea was pibble blocked.

In the meantime, Rock spotted a beauty, with boundless energy, being shown around by a very loving volunteer, who was doing everything she could to get this little lady saved (shenanigans involved tutus, “cute” head wear, and actual human tears), the volunteer knew it was Sadie’s last day.

Cut to, Sadie in the back of the car living happily and safe in her forever home with Thea, Bennie (Thea’s senior rescue dog) and not quite happily YET,  Lou-lu (Thea’s kitty rescue). Thea says, “Sadie got lucky, but I got luckier.”

Rescue made possible by Stand Up For Pits Foundation

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