NEW SPONSOR: Show Your Soft Side

OMPM march posterSOOOOO EXCITED to announce SHOW YOUR SOFT SIDE is now an official sponsor of the PIBBLE march! This campaign is one I’ve admired since learning about it last year. Created from the heart by an amazing woman named, Sande Riesett. This is the best anti abuse animal campaign I have ever seen. Powerful and honest. Beyond honored to have Show Your Soft Side’s support. Our voices just got even louder!!! 

“Show Your Soft Side” is a campaign developed to combat the alarming incidence of animal abuse in Baltimore. Launched in September 2011 its goal was to change the mindset of young people who often view the maiming and torturing of defenseless animals as a sign of “toughness” or “manhood.” A critical need in view of research that’s borne out the fact that kids who abuse animals soon graduate to even more violent crime. The posters, ads and billboards feature well-known athletes and recording artists with their pets and show that being a man has many facets to it, including a “soft side” when it comes to animals. Each makes the point – only a punk would hurt a cat or dog. In an effort to expand the message beyond the Baltimore market, Show Your Soft was incorporated as a 501c3 in 2013.

Go check out Show Your Soft Side at

REMINDER ***we are $17,817.00 from our fundraising goal and have 63 DAYS LEFT to do it.**** Please consider throwing a few bucks at this event. We need it and so do the Pibbles.#betheirvoice

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