The Stand Up For Pits Foundation is a recognized 501c3 nonprofit and all donations made are tax deductible. Saving lives costs money, a lot of it. In a perfect world, backyard breeders and irresponsible owners would be sited and forced to pay for what they’ve caused, but the reality is rescues and foundations are left to clean up the mess our species leave behind. In order to effectively educate, advocate and save lives, funds are needed. The more raised, the more can be done. It’s also important for people to know there is no such thing as a small donation. Every penny matters and every effort helps. If you’re not able to donate financially, that should not stop you, nor should it be an excuse for you to not take action. Shelters, all year round, are desperate for supplies, volunteers and fosters. Rescues in your area are also desperate for fosters. Fostering is a VITAL part of the rescue process and something many people are capable of doing. Fostering gets dogs out of shelters and buys them the time they need to find responsible and loving homes. It is temporary and costs nothing for the foster. Research your rescues and consider becoming an approved foster.

If Stand Up For Pits doesn’t come to your city, you can buy our merchandise, as 100% of profits go directly to the SUFP Foundation. If you have all the merchandise and still want to help, you can always donate directly through the site. And again, if you’re not in place where you can financially donate, please consider donating supplies, your time and your knowledge. Make advocating and educating  part of your daily life. Animal abusers do not take days off and neither do we and nor should you. We are all in this together and if we all do our part, we can and will see results. We thank you, and the millions of voiceless victims who’s lives depend on us, thank you. And one very precious Pibble who was given a chance at life named Angel, thanks you.

Never stop trying new ways to saves lives. The old way is not working, so it’s on us to create new ways. Think and do differently. Do something.

The Stand Up For Pits Foundation, Inc. is a 501c3 and all donations are tax deductible. Tax ID #46-3535828


  • The Stand Up For Pits Foundation has and continues to donate to Pit Bull type dogs who have suffered from severe abuse, neglect, dog fighting and several other cases which require medical care. Cases range from parvo to TPLO to heart murmurs to skin disease etc. (check out just a few of our success stories on the Success Story page).
  • We help private parties who are unable to provide medical care for their pet.
  • We provide grants to programs and initiatives that educate, advocate and save lives.
  • We fully fund a one of kind program called Spay/Neuter ANGEL Day nationwide. Fixing hundreds of dogs nationwide every April 2nd.
  • We have an will cover needed transports
  • Funds help produce live events, which get dogs adopted and benefit Pit Bull nonprofit rescues and dogs around the country and raise much needed awareness, inspiration and education.
  • Funds helped pay for the PIBBLE march on Washington DC which cost thousands of dollars and an entire year to produce/organize. Future events like that (or videos, films, books etc) designed to advocate, educate, inspire, save lives and create change cost but are well worth every penny and vital for change.
  • We fund the Los Angeles County and surrounding area dogfighting tip line is which was created and is independently operated by the SUFP Foundation.
  • Funds help individuals with pets nutritional needs suffering from cancer and other medical issues.
  • Funds help with countless front line rescue efforts nationwide including shelters.

*The Stand Up For Pits Foundation is always looking for dedicated volunteers willing to donate their time and services to help grow the foundation. If you’re interested in donating your time and services, please email us through this site and write VOLUNTEER in the subject line. Please educate yourself on our accomplishments, goals and mission.

Donate directly to the STAND UP FOR PITS FOUNDATION by clicking the DONATE button below!

Thank you for standing up for Pibbles!