We created the SUFP HOPE CAMPAIGN in an effort to get dogs who are out of time and about to be killed in shelters seen and saved. Renowned and brilliantly talented photographers donate their time by going into shelters and photographing pit bull type dogs and this may in fact be their last hope at getting a chance at life. To further help their chances at getting pulled from the shelter the SUFP Foundation offers a $1,000.00 Angel Grant to foster home based reputable 501c3 rescues who save a SUFP HOPE CAMPAIGN hippo. These desperately needed funds provide medical care and supplies which help take the burden of expense off the rescue. We are proud to say this program has and continues to save lives that would otherwise have never had a chance. Our hope also is one day there will be no need for this program because shelters will be empty. Until then we will keep doing all we can to get our beloved underdogs seen and saved through the SUFP HOPE CAMPAIGN.