JAY WHITAKER Added to the Salt Lake City Stand

The HILARIOUS Jay Whitaker has been added to the SALT LAKE CITY June 29th, Stand Up For Pits!! Jay is the Co-Host on the GeekShow Podcast and has been seen on The Food Network. Here is what Jay had to say about being asked to perform at this year’s Stand Up For Pits,

“I’m honored to be a part of Stand Up For Pits. Last year I got to hang out with you and Angel and now I live with a beautiful pibble named Lola who rocks my world and loves to watch hockey with me. I was always nervous about living with a pibble, but I remembered how fun it was being around Angel. They’re wonderful. If anything, I’m the aggressive one, especially when the L.A. Kings miss chances on a power play. It’s all true. Lola is my homegirl.”

There are very few tickets left so get them while you can!!! GET TIX HERE!!

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