SUFP Foundation helps HADEN

I never post graphic images for the sake of posting graphic images and for the most part I believe graphic images are ineffective unless there is a very specific point to posting them. 

I am, however, posting these photos of a precious 7 month old Pibble named Hayden. Yesterday Hayden was let out of his foster (being fostered by The Crazy Lady Pit Bull Rescue in Phoenix AZ) mom’s yard by a transient and then violently beaten almost to death. The transient was later arrested and is now in custody. Hayden is alive. He has a large hematoma on top of his skull and his eyes are no longer working due to the swelling of his brain. He has broken teeth that punctured his tongue several times during the beating. He is severely bruised and has a broken nose. At this time his injuries do not appear to be life threatening but he has a long road ahead to a full mental and physical recovery as well as more tests.

As of today, The Stand Up For Pits Foundation is now aiding in the rehabilitation of Hayden’s full recovery.

Violence against animals, especially against our beloved breed must end. This is a very unfortunate circumstance that no one wanted or expected to happen. The Stand Up For Pits Foundation is honored to be aiding in the recovery of beautiful Hayden. We must all focus on him healing and one day getting to live the life he so rightfully deserves. Let’s also rally together and show support. Offer ideas and solutions to each other as to how to prevent this from ever happening again. Make law makers and law enforcement aware of what happened to Hayden and lobby for stricter laws against humans who abuse animals and demand they hire more ACTF and law enforcement officers who can enforce those laws. This horrific incident should be looked at as yet another opportunity to be heard and to be the voice of the voiceless. We will do this for Hayden and the millions more like him. Continue to keep working together and being their voice.

I will update you on Hayden’s progress as it is made known to me. #goHAYDENgo

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