The Stand Up For Pits Foundation is SO proud of the amazing work Josh is doing with precious baby Rhino as well as WAGS and we are so happy to be participating in the recovery of this velvet hippo and share her journey back to life with all of you amazing people!!

Here is what Josh had to say;
“Finally wore her out! It’s been an amazing two days. A trip to Petco, two trips to the park. (She loves car rides and will stop & sit in front of the door every time we pass my jeep in the driveway). We’ve gone two days without an “accident” inside and the meds aren’t making her sick (can you say full blown puppy energy!!!) Our potty break walks which started as barely getting off the porch have turned into .25mile pack excursions and she is not nearly as alert or nervous and excited to meet new people.
She is also healing so fast (lots and lots of coconut oil) which makes everybody happier. Since day one she has slept on the bed with us and it is no longer a sticky mess. I was able to kiss her lil head for the first time today when trying to get her out from under the covers! Each day keeps getting better!”