Rebecca & ‘Stand Up for Pits’ in Good 4 Utah!

Rebecca Corry is a comedian from Los Angeles who does a comedy show all over the country called Stand Up for Pits. She donates all proceeds to local pit bull rescue programs.

Corry will be in Utah at Wiseguys Comedy on June 29th, and the proceeds will be donated to Salt Lake County Pit Crew. For ticket information, please visit: Stand Up for Pits’s Facebook Page.

Corry adopted a pit bull that she’d rescued. Her dog had been abused for five years… she’d had battery acid poured on her, and had her ears cut off. Corry says pit bulls get a bad rap when really its their owners who are to blame. “When you put something so kind and sweet in the hands of a monster and they endure torture, like my dog Angel, what she wants to do is still be good and she still is good,” says Corry.

This year Corry is also organizing an event in Washington D.C. at the White House on Saturday, May 3rd called One Million Pibble March. It’s a rally to end breed discriminatory legislation and dog fighting. She’s expecting between 5,000 and 10,000 people there.


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