PetSmart DISCRIMINATES against “Pit Bull type” dogs.

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PetSmart has been supporting this “policy” for YEARS and it’s time it ends.
TO DISCRIMINATE IS WRONG. Wether the discriminated has two legs or four, it is wrong. In fact discrimination in any way is one of the lowest forms of thinking. What’s next PetSmartypants? Should women be seen and not heard? Are your employees allowed to eat in the same break room and drink from communal water fountains regardless of the color of their skin, sexuality or religion? Or do you only discriminate against anything that “has the appearance or characteristics of any Pit Bull type dog?” We want clarification on where you draw the discrimination line. Millions of Pit Bull Terriers die every year in this land of the free and home of the brave country of ours for due to this kind of human ignorance and hate. Shame on you and your first world country business run by mentally stunted middle aged white men who should know better. Angel is a Pit Bull Terrier and a family member. She endured years of abuse at the hands of broken humans who have likely gone on to commit crimes against humanity and you choose to ban the victim or any “type” of dog who looks like her? It’s complete foolishness and perpetuates an untrue stereotype thus contributing to the death of millions of innocent lives. Until this “policy” changes, PetSmart will never receive a single red cent of ours. Angel, wanted to add, “you don’t have to fear me or my kind. There is nothing more dangerous on earth than a hate filled ignorant human.” We agree with her.
To let PetSmart know how you feel contact 623.580.6100
David K. Lenhardt (President)
Phil Bowman (VP) #enddiscrimination #standupforpits #educate #advocate #betheirvoice

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