Sirius XM’s Dr. Laura thinks “all Pitbulls should be killed.”

This week (Monday Dec 15th) Sirius XM aired a segment on “ways to fight loneliness” and in that segment Dr. Laura Schlessinger stated, ON AIR, that she thinks “all Pit Bulls are a waste of space and should be killed” among other slanderous ignorant comments.

Dr. Laura and her program should be boycotted and the privilege taken away of having a public platform where she spreads hate speech and advocates the death of dogs. Yes. Fired.

Reckless hate speech CANNOT be tolerated. TIME Magazine’s Charlotte Alter and Nancy Grace have recently and aggressively spewed ignorant untruths and hate towards “Pitbull type dogs” and have faced no consequences. Their actions are a blatant abuse of power. If any of us walked into our workplace and advocated killing and perpetuated hate and ignorance….we would suffer severe consequences. Yet these talentless heat seekers who make their living off of “controversial” hate speech continue to thrive. It is absolutely unacceptable.

What we have learned is trying to get the ignorant to change is like asking a person with no arms for a hug. Arguing with dumb is a waste of valuable and precious time. The most effective way to show intolerance for people who abuse public platforms to perpetuate hate and untruths is to eliminate the privilege they are abusing. The most effective way to do this is to let the people know who are paying their salaries that you will not support their them. My very strong suggestion is to not give Dr. Laura the attention she is seeking but please consider calmly and intelligently letting her EMPLOYERS and SPONSORS know how you feel about them supporting hate speech and advocating the killing of dogs. Our personal ask is that she be removed from her position so she is no longer able to recklessly advocate murder to her many listeners.

Below are her sponsor and a contact at Sirius
The popcorn factory
Canvas world
Simply to impress

Also Sirius can be reached at:

Questions for Dr. Laura call 1-800-375-2872

“I am writing today as someone who does not condone the perpetuation of hate and encouragement of violence towards Pit Bull type dogs. To do so is reckless, irresponsible, ignorant and a blatant abuse of the privilege of having a public platform. By you sponsoring this program and individual, you too are perpetuating the same hate and violence against innocent lives and you will no longer have my support in any capacity until Dr. Laura Schlessinger is removed from her position. Abuse and discrimination is wrong. Whether the abused or discriminated against has two legs or four, it is wrong.” -President/Founder Stand Up For Pits Foundation-Rebecca Corry

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