13895389_10153994564857561_2801275474765977657_nLucille has known nothing but suffering at the hands of humans. After enduring years of unthinkable abuse in a dogfighting operation, Lucille was finally “rescued” by law enforcement just to be deemed “inherently dangerous” by an old and ignorant county ordinance decision makers never got around to changing.

Then after sitting in a county shelter for 2 1/2 months, Lucille got a hail mary chance at life and was released to then become terminally ill just 2 months later.
We are in a new chapter of what has become and continues to be an extremely challenging and difficult journey but Lucille and her spirit, inherent goodness and ability to love is worth every second of it. They are all. The suffering and discrimination against our dogs needs to fucking end. It is shameful and telling of what our society has become.

The next time you hear someone spewing ignorance and untruths about our supposed “inherently dangerous” dogs, tell them about Lucille and how humanity failed and victimized her her entire life but how she refuses to stop loving humanity. Tell them what life is like in a dogfighting operation and how dogs suffer heinous and unthinkable horrors and then tell them how the lucky few who actually make it out are then further victimized by being euthanized because they are then deemed “dangerous” when, in fact, it’s humans who prove daily to be the real danger to us all.
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