SUFP Foundation Spay/Neuter ANGEL Day

IMG_7636April 2nd will be one year since the world lost an Angel. A perfect ambassador who’s life and inherent goodness changed people, has saved countless lives and inspired a movement growing stronger every day. Angel’s life and legacy lives on through the work we do, the hippos we save and our dedicated supporters. While we don’t get to see her stomp her feet and yell for cookies, trick or treat in July, hob nob with pilots or search for her neck, Angel is still very much here. We see her in the eyes of the lives we save and her spirit in those who keep fighting against the horrible injustices our dogs face every day and we will keep doing the work in her name for as long as it takes.

Last year the SUFP Foundation gave $13,000.00 in ANGEL GRANTS in her honor to selected groups nationwide.

This year, we are honoring Angel’s life on April 2nd by organizing and funding the first ever nationwide “Spay/Neuter ANGEL Day” in cities across the country.

This massive and important effort will include free spay/neuter, microchips, food, flea meds, e-collars and vaccines to an estimated 400 animals in cities around the country. These free clinics are all happening April 2nd, at the same time! Every city will live stream, take photographs and share stories of the lives helped by this effort throughout the day so we can all be a part of it!
The SUFP Foundation hopes our effort inspires other foundations to fund clinics more frequently, share free clinic information nationwide, support groups running clinics and provide resources to to people in communities in need of free clinics.

Just one unaltered female dog and her offspring can produce 67,000 puppies in only six years.

The SUFP Foundation Spay/Neuter ANGEL Day fixing 400 dogs will have, over a 6 year period, prevented 26,800,000 dogs from being added to the population.

We are asking you all to please share this event with others and remain dedicated to doing so until April 2nd. We have created a “SUFP Foundation Spay/Neuter ANGEL DAY” Facebook event page which has all the details of each clinic, the event poster and links.

Another way to support is by making a tax deductible donation at and encouraging others to do the same. The cost to the SUFP Foundation to fund Spay/Neuter ANGEL Day will be over $25,000.00.
SPAY/NEUTERING IS VITAL TO ENDING OVERPOPULATION and getting off the giant hamster wheel that is rescue. Fixing the problem instead of treating the symptom is what’s needed to make and see real change. Saving them all is great in theory but it’s not possible. If it was, they’d all be saved. One very realistic way to saving lives is by preventing them from needing to be saved to begin with and actively being part of the solution.


Spay/Neuter Day ANGEL Day

-JACKSONVILLE, FL 2 CLINICS  (90 dogs total)

APRIL 2nd from 9:00am-5:00pm-pit bull type dogs only

First Coast No More Homeless Pets
6817 Norwood Ave 32208

Clay Humane
2230 Fillmore Street 32065

Call 904-337-9507

Clinic includes vaccines if needed (if dog is vaccinated owners need to bring proof of vaccines), microchip, take home meds and e-collar.
-DOVER, TN (50-60 animals)
APRIL 2nd from 8a-5p

North Stewart Veterinarian Clinic
1613 Hwy 79
Dover, Tn 37058

Call 931-627-4144. (If no answer, leave a message, your call will be returned). This offer is given first priority to Stewart County residents (we seek to spay/neuter pit bull types, but all dogs/cats welcomed). You will receive a time to drop off your pet. Please be on time.
-DALLAS, TX (50 animals)
APRIL 2nd 7:30 am to 4:00pm with staggered check-in and check-out times.

SPCA of Texas Mary Spencer Spay/Neuter and Wellness Clinic
4830 Village Fair Drive, Dallas, TX 75224

Call the SPCA of Texas main appointment scheduling line at 214-742-7722 OR email

There will be transport available for those who are unable to bring their pets to their appointments. Clients will check-in the morning of surgery and come back that same afternoon for pick-up. The SPCA of Texas will have 2-3 surgery teams operating in the Spencer Clinic surgery suite and the SPCA of Texas mobile spay/neuter clinic parked at the clinic.

Appointments includes spay/neuter, DHPP, rabies vaccine, e-collar, and take home pain medication. The SPCA of Texas also will be providing microchips for every dog.
-KANSAS CITY, MO (30 dogs)
APRIL 2nd 7:30am-3:30pm

Spay and Neuter Kansas City/Families Better Together
1116 E 59th
Kansas City MO 64110

Call 816-353-0940 and VOUCHERS will be handed out!
Pick up is same day, no later than 4:30pm.
Dogs must be on a lease or in a crate.
SNKC recommends you purchase a post case package for your dog which includes an E-Collar and 2 days of pain medication for $35.00. This will prevent your pet from licking or chewing the incision. Spay and Neuter Kansas City is not responsible for any complications resulying from animals licking or chewing their incision.
Please be aware that every pet that is spayed or neutered here also receives a small green line tattoo near their incision site to prove that they’ve been spay or neutered.
Additional vaccinations and preventative care available upon request at an additional charge.
Our clinic accepts cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, money order and checks with valid ID.
-DETROIT (50 dogs)
pit bull type dogs only
APRIL 2nd 7:00am-5:00pm

Detroit Animal Care and Control
7401 Chrysler Drive, Detroit, MI 48211

Call 313.855.5866 or email
Main contact:
Upon arrival you will be greeted by volunteers and guided to a check in point. Make sure dogs are on leash and remain in vehicle until escorted into building.

Your visit will include free microchip, e-collar, meds, vaccines (dhpp/DHLPP, rabies), license, cap star, frontline and if needed you will be given collars, leashes, food, etc.
-COLUMBUS (40) $3000.00
APRIL 2ND 9:00am to 7:00pm
pit bull type dogs only

Franklin County Dog Shelter
4340 Tamarack Blvd, Columbus, OH 43229

The clinic will run all day, with dogs dropped off in 15 minute intervals between 9am and noon.
Pick up is between 2pm –7p.m.

Appointment includes, surgery, pain meds, microchips (with lifetime registration), e-collar (if needed).

Surgeries can be scheduled by emailing Director@actoh.Org with an email titled, SUFP Spay/Neuter ANGEL Day and vouchers will be available at the shelter.
-BALTIMORE (28 pit bull type dogs)
4 dogs per day, Monday March 27th ending Sunday, April 2nd.
4007 Falls Road, Baltimore, Maryland 21211 (the Hampden neighborhood in Baltimore)

Visit includes; pain meds, vaccines, spay/neuter and microchip.

All patients need an appointment, please fill out our appointment request form or call 410-400-WELL to book an appointment.
Our spay/neuter clinic can be reached at 410-889-SPAY(7729) or Katy

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