IMG_7850-2Every donation and effort matters. Every single time someone does something to help end abuse, discrimination and save lives it helps make change.
SUFP has some of the most incredible supporters on the planet. They are doers, innovative and dedicated and this awesome young Pibble lover named Quinn, is one of those people. Quinn donated $285 and gift cards that he collected for Stand Up For Pits in lieu of gifts for his 9th birthday this year. We want to thank Quinn for his extremely generous donation and wish him a very Happy Birthday! And thank you Jessica, for raising a compassionate, loving and kind human being. The world and our inherently good dogs need much much more of that.
THANK YOU AND YOUR GIANT HEART QUINN!! We appreciate your act of kindness so much.
Todd and Sally have been kissed on your behalf. ❤️?? #standupforpits #endabuse #kids #love

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