APRIL 2nd is Spay/Neuter ANGEL Day!!

IMG_7636On April 2nd, an estimated 400 dogs will be fixed that day, majority of which, will be pit bull “type” dogs.
Spay/Neuter ANGEL day happens April 2nd , which marks one year since Angel’s passing. This effort will not only honor and celebrate the life that has and continues to inspire the SUFP Foundation but it will also prevent countless lives from being lost.
Estimated cost is $25,000.00. If you’d like to support, you can make a tax deductible donation at standupforpits.us.
All clinic details like; how to make appointments, what appointments include and the groups, individuals and facilities participating can also be found at standupforpits.us.
If you’re not able to donate or don’t live in one of the cities but want to support, you can by sharing this important resource with others. There are many people in need who could use this opportunity, so getting the word out is a great way to help!
Be sure to join the SUFP Spay/Neuter ANGEL Day event page! All the cities will be posting photos, live streaming and sharing stories of lives helped all day April 2nd!

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