LOSS is LOSS. Period.

IMG_9282An open letter published by SUFP Founder/President Rebecca Corry.

“April 2nd 2016 Angel passed away. It was and will always be the most profound and devastating loss in my life. Paralyzing, traumatic, unfair, horrific and awful. A loss that doesn’t “get better” and a pain that never goes away. Somehow, you just learn to compartmentalize it and find a way to control being debilitated when the pain floods in.
It’s my opinion that we all need to get better at dealing with and talking about death and loss. It’s terrible but it’s just as real and relevant as living and something we all have to face. And I very much include myself in this. I never know what to say or how to act but one thing I learned because of losing Angel so publicly, is sometimes just saying sorry and offering support to someone grieving is enough.
I’m extremely lucky to have some incredible people in my life who not only were there for me when it happened but remain there and understand how hard it will always be. To all those amazing people (you know who you are), I love you and thank you.
When Angel died a woman who lost a child wrote me a long email about why her grief is worse than my grief because she lost a child and I “just lost a dog.” She told me she was offended that I could suggest that losing Angel was like losing a child. Others said things like, “just get another one,” “your relationship was too codependent.” Some said, “the only reason I’d go to Stand Up For Pits is to see Angel. Now what am I supposed to do?” Then there’s the go to line, “she’s in a better place.” It is my belief that there was no better place for Angel than with me. She was and will always be the love of my life and I was hers. We saved each other’s lives and by doing so, we have and continue to save countless others. I miss her every single second of every single day and will until I die.
To anyone who shames or says the extreme pain and grief felt by those who lose a pet is less than or not as important as theirs because it wasn’t a human, fuck you and shame on you. Your parents failed at raising a good person.”

-Rebecca Corry


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