IMG_0404Here’s a few updates as to how your much needed donations have helped in just the past few weeks!!

SUFP provided very large grants for an emergency surgery for a hippo named Liam, a little guy named Tater Tot in NYC and covered emergency medical expenses for elderbull Nanners. We are happy to report all 3 hippos are doing well!

SUFP organized and funded a nationwide spay/neuter ANGEL day helping an estimated 400 pets and their humans and SUFP will be funding an additional free clinic in Los Angeles at the end of the month! Efforts like these are extremely costly, so
we wanted to take a moment to thank all those who make an effort to share our posts, come to Stand Up For Pits events, purchase merchandise and donate. Every effort matters and while there is endless work that needs to be done, together we can and are making a difference.

Special thank you to @pitbullsofinstagram @lifewithlolaandjazzy @journeyofnana @normancook @lolas_home @calistathepitbull @ourpitpage @gshell661 @showyoursoftside @behindbarscustoms @lexy_the_elderbull ❤

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