Sargent Sally still wants nothing more than to get a squirrel, cat and any dog who remotely acknowledges her in her mouth. She is strong, focussed and does not mean maybe and these are facts that anyone should know who wants to adopt her.
Here are some other equally important facts; Sally is extremely intelligent, eager to learn and could not be sweeter. She’s great on the leash (when she doesn’t see a cat or squirrel) but she can only handle 30-45 minutes walks. Sally has bad hips, so there will be no hiking or jogging for her. She LOVES the sun but gets overheated quickly and her fur and overall health is excellent!! She loves ?????? and loves to find stuff on the ground outside and eat it. ?
She’s not a big barker but will bark when she feels scared or threatened and it’s loud. She drools when her food is being prepared and she loves frozen blueberries.
She may be one of the cutest land seals walking earth, loves riding in the car and LOVES laying on the sidewalk or sitting on the porch and watching the world go by.
She sleeps through the night, lives for snuggling, human contact and is great with kids. (She has never been around infants. She has only been around older children who respect animals). She plays rough so that needs to be watched and managed. Sally is soulful, kind, loyal and loving and a gentle spirit.
It’s real simple, she requires to be an only pet. That’s not hard and it’s not a negative. It simply means she needs a responsible, intelligent owner who will take the time to walk, love and feed her while keeping her and other animals safe.
Please share her with others. She can’t type and has been restricted from social media for posting nipple pics.
Email if you’d like to love and be loved by Sally. She is a gift.
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