16831915_10154596407437561_5693439669511347448_nAfter much thought, information gathering and soul searching, I’ve decided the best forever home for Todd is right where he is. With me. And while I never intended on adopting Todd or any dog for that matter, it is clear he should be with me. He has become my even more grumpy shadow and he trusts me whole heartedly.
Myself and the Stand Up For Pits Foundation fought and have worked extremely hard for Todd and while there are many who love him and would likely be good forever home options, I feel myself and my foundation is best equipped to give him the life, care and protection he needs and deserves.
As for Sargent Sally, I will be fostering sweet Sally indefinitely until the absolute perfect home comes along. Sally and Todd require a lot of work, attention and care and they will both continue to get it.
Thank you to @loveleorescue for stepping up to pull Lucille and Todd when no one else would and to the amazing humans who have helped with Todd and Lucille in what has now been almost a year long journey. @lolas_home @calistathepitbull @journeyofnana @beaumont44 Kim, Kemp @the_pet_handler @pcbananahammock87 just to name a few.
Most never get out or survive dogfighting but Todd is one of the lucky ones. He’s overcome so much, progressed so far and myself and the SUFP Foundation feel honored to be a part of that and will continue to fight for dogs like Todd and Lucille for as long as it takes.
Todd’s knows he’s been adopted and doesn’t give a shit.-Rebecca Corry

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