19554288_10155337787345102_5691478614427690817_nMany have been asking for a update on the Sarg. Please read below! ❤
Sally is doing amazing! The first night was extremely rough. Lots of crying. But she is eating amazing, she loves taking her meds wrapped in turkey, she’s drinking water, peeing and pooping excellent. She only walks outside to go potty then comes right back inside. Her and Todd are inseparable and he is being amazing with her. He is gentle and just stays near her. Since Sally came home he is back to eating and drinking water completely normal and has his pep back in his step. They have become vital to each other. As long as they’re together, all is perfect in their world. #sallystrong
Sally’s results from all 9 cytologies from the lab will be in by next week. It takes 5-7 days and they were sent off on Tuesday.

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