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My name is Jessica, and I recently went out to help capture a lost and terrified pit bull mix on July 3rd. We were able to successfully capture her with the use of a humane trap.

She was very scared and reactive. Which was understandable with all of the fireworks going off and being lost. So we decided that it would be best to not scan her for a chip that night.

The following day, an officer from Tacoma Pierce County came out to pick her up to transport to the shelter. It was reported that she was still a little growly, but was a bit better once in her kennel.

Today I received an update on her, and it was said that after a few days she has still not settled in. That she may not be an adoption candidate. I’m trying to reach out in hopes of a rescue out there that may be able to help her, or know of a rescue that helps pit bulls that may not be deemed adoptable. Or if there are any other resources that could help me help her, do that she won’t be euthanized.

A sheriff came out that evening, assessed the situation, and allowed us to proceed with our recovery efforts. The officer had said that she felt that if all the fireworks weren’t a factor, she felt that she would possibly have a different demeanor.

I don’t want to give up on her that easily. I would like to find any resource available to help save her, work with her, and find her a loving home. With the lost pets that I’ve helped recover, and get back home, I’ve never run into a circumstance to where a dog may not be adoptable. I’m really hoping that with being on the street, fireworks, and in a shelter is what’s going on in this situation. I know this girl is just traumatized, and she’s had so much to be fearful for these last few days. I only need that one person to give her that chance that she so much deserves.

She is currently at The Humane Society For Tacoma & Pierce County, in Washington State.
2608 Center Street
Tacoma, WA 98409
Animal ID # A518912

I called Roaming Paws Lost Pet Recovery, and they helped me get her to safety. Bonnie Beltz is the person who helped me. Her contact info is

If one person can take a chance on her, and work with her outside of the shelter would be best.

People can contact me, Bonnie Beltz at Roaming Paws Lost Pet Services, or the shelter directly. Whichever way to get her the fastest help is what is preferred.

The point of contact for The Humane Society:
Aubrey Clement
Animal Placement Coordinator
2608 Center Street
Tacoma, WA 98409

I’m hanging onto a shred of hope that someone can help me help her.
Any information that can help me do that, would mean so much.

Thank you,

Jessica Sedlacek
253-375-7918 Home
253-886-7819 Cell

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