20293993_10155136872872561_5679761916875663230_nIt’s your turn to help your local shelter animals!! The SUFP Donation Drive happens from 4-7pm Sept 17th! All shelter supplies will go directly to the Wake County Animal Center. Please take a moment to check out the items needed on the poster we’ve provided and then take another moment to to swing by a supply or two and encourage others to do the same by sharing the poster! These supplies are desperately needed and make all the difference in the world to animals living in shelters. Together we can help make life for them a little better.
The SUFP Foundation Donation Drive has raised $24,400.00 worth of shelter supplies so far this year nationwide and we are just getting started! Arlington VA has the record so far with $9800, so lets see if Raleigh can beat that!

Tickets are available now at standupforpits.us for what will be an amazing show! Come help save lives and make a difference.

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