The Dodo does SALLY!!

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Todd and Sally overcame abuse, neglect discrimination and the darkest evils of humanity yet daily show the world what inherent goodness and love is.
Our species continues to wrongly vilify, abuse, torture and murder inherently good dogs then call the dogs “dangerous.”
Humans are responsible for heinous acts of violence and death and are rarely held accountable for any of it. If you know someone who is uneducated about pit bull “type” dogs, educate them. If you see or know abuse is happening, report it. If you want a dog, adopt don’t shop. Spay & neuter your animals and be a dedicated responsible person till death do you part. Dogs are not toys or hobbies and they are NOT disposable when they become “inconvenient” for you.
There are countless Sally’s and Todd’s sitting in crowded shelters who will die.
Today, in LA County alone, hundreds of dogs will be disposed of like garbage because humans let them down.
Abusers, dogfighters and people who discriminate are far more dangerous to our society and planet than any dog of any kind could ever be. How we treat our animals is a direct reflection of who we are.
Do something today to educate, advocate and save a life. We are their last chance.
If you can’t make it to a Stand Up For Pits event, you can make a tax deductible donation at
#standupforpits #enddogfighting #banbreeders #betheirvoice


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