FullSizeRenderLaw makers and city officials who support laws that further victimize survivors of dogfighting should be removed from their jobs. These high paid medical insurance, paid vacation having assholes are not protecting communities by killing innocent dogs who have already been tortured, abused and victimized day in and day out by 2 legged monsters. Instead they are blaming beings who cannot speak and have no rights. It is a fucking outrage from beginning to end and it’s time it ends. Los Angeles County has the same bullshit ordinance and it too needs to change.
Dogfighting is an ignored epidemic in our society and one of the cruelest forms of animal abuse on earth. Dog fights can last up to 3 hours. Think about that. 3 fucking hours. Those who force dogs to fight are who is “dangerous” and “vicous” and their violent sociopathic behavior does not stop at animals, which means you, or your loved ones could be next. That is not theory. That is fact. That means you, cat people and those who “aren’t animal people.” These human garbage pails walking amongst us are just as much your problem as it is us “animal people’s” problem.
In this case, they believe killing 53 dogs who have done nothing wrong is the answer and that makes me ashamed to be a human being.

We have contacted our friends in Michigan to figure out a constructive call to action. The abusers and idiots enforcing the laws which essentially blame the victim need to be held accountable and pay some fucking consequences. Stay tuned for info on this and Los Angeles County. #standupforpits #enoughisenough

If you suspect someone is fighting or preparing to fight dogs in LOS ANGELES COUNTY call 1-877-777-2585.

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