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Darla was rescued from Wake County Animal Control where she was rescue only due to her many medical needs Darla has had a rough start and many complications due to neglect.
Darla is now doing very well and we know she will find a perfect forever home. Darla is very short and petite. She reminds us of a super cute little gargoyle. She is the easiest dog and we say a one size fits all. She is great with everyone and everything. Good with cats, dogs, kids and all people. She doesn’t like rude dogs but who does? Darla is like a ball of bouncing sweet sunshine. She is always happy and always friendly we all adore her here. It’s hard to write down a bio for her as she is so incredible. There are no words that describe a dog like Darla. She is submissive, kind, loving, patient, forgiving. Darla is all things good and deserves to never be in the wrong hands again.
Darla loves snuggling now that she knows she is safe. She enjoys playing games like chase even though she isn’t fast. Darla loves hanging out with her dog pals and people friends. She does fabulous for the bath and enjoys a good bubble bath! She hates the car for whatever reason the car is her mortal enemy and she despises it. When riding she will face the corner and just Amish her face into the seat. Nothing can convince her it’s safe she hates it. We’re slowly trying to work on that. She’s fabulous at the vet and does wonderful for grooming. She is a rockstar!

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