IZZY has been ADOPTED!!!!

Remember Izzy? She was scheduled to be euthanized by her owners due to “reactivity” back in May when the owners reached out to SUFP for advice/help a few days before doing it. The SUFP Foundation immediately stepped in and saved Izzy. And SUFP provided a $3000.00 grant to @thebarkinglotrescue who agreed to take Izzy on. We are ELATED to report that today Izzy got ADOPTED! This precious soul deserves nothing more than to be loved and respected for the rest of her life and today she got that. We are honored to have been a part of this rescue story and we thank Monica Hoover for helping us get Izzy to a rescue and Jeannette Goldsberry for being there for the drop off.

Responsible pet ownership is not conditional or optional. If you adopt a pet, it is a commitment till the end. There will always be problems and issues and it may not always be easy but these are lives. Living beings who rely on us and every single one of them deserves respect, commitment and dedication. They are not disposable when times get rough. Adopt responsibly. Adopt with a plan. Or don’t adopt.

Congrats Izzy girl!!! We love you!

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