We are are always honored to help how and when we can. Get better Lola!! 


“I don’t even know how to start this. I cannot form the words to explain how much this woman, her foundation and everything they stand for, mean to us.

Rebecca Corry and the Stand Up For Pits Foundation, Inc has sent us a grant in the amount of $2,104.00 to pay for Lola’s entire MRIT procedure and 8 weeks of physical rehab (underwater & laser therapy) afterwards. I’m absolutely just blown away.

Today is surgery day! We have an amazing vet clinic and Lola just loves going there (clearly lol) because they just love her & she gets so much attention, and we know she’s in the best hands.

When I met up with Rebecca at the SUFP show in St. Louis and told her everything that was going on with Lola, she had originally offered to give us a grant to help us pay for the TPLO surgery. But after a second opinion and given how well Lola is doing,(she’s actually bearing a tiny bit of weight in her leg—even though it’s still popping when she walks 😬), we explained how we had chosen to do MRIT with the swivel lock (the newest procedure) instead, she then offered to give us the grant for $2104 for the entire procedure & her therapy after. I immediately started crying. Happy crying. 2017 has been such a hell of a year for us and for her to do this for us literally changes everything. Rebecca, I could tell you a million times over how appreciative we are and how much we thank you for not only this but also helping bring Jazzy into our lives, and it will never be enough. You are like family to us and we love you dearly ❤️

The generosity of this foundation makes me so proud and so honored to stand with them and support everything they do. From forming a Pibble March; to funding spay and neuter clinics; to helping with major medical cost dogs and special needs dogs; to funding transportation; to helping get a dog placed in a good stable home or to help them get the training they need to keep them in their home; to raising awareness, educating & advocating the community to understand that these dogs are inherently good, inside & out; to forming a dog fighting tip line; to selling out amazing comedy shows across the country to raise money for local rescues and shelters; to being a voice for the voiceless.

This is why we go, and will continue to go, out of our way to make it to as many Stand Up for Pits events as humanly possible. This is why I buy allllll the SUFP merchandise (and in multiples lol). This is why we donate to an organization that gives back to the community 1000x fold. This is why I will support Rebecca Corry, Angel, and the Stand Up For Pits Foundation until my dying day.

For Angel. Todd. Sally. Lucille. Jazzy. Lola. Nana. Calista. Olive. Banksy. Lucille. Lola. Blue. Izzy. I could go on forever, for every single perfect velvety hippo out there. Thank you so much. ❤️
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