$72,652.00 worth of shelter supplies raised so far!!!

The SUFP Donation Drive TACOMA raised $9500.00 worth of much needed shelter supplies last night!! It was freezing and pouring down rain the entire time but that did not stop incredible people from getting off their couch and showing up for their local shelter animals. We are blown away by the dedication and action the amazing people of Tacoma take every year. Massive thanks to everyone who donated and to our phenomenal lead volunteer Kathy Ross Bates for standing out in the freezing elements helping people unload everything.
These supplies mean all the difference in the world to animals stuck in our shelter system and they deserve it all. Another incredible example of what happens when people work together.
The SUFP Donation Drive’s nationwide have now raised $72,652.00 worth of shelter supplies nationwide so far this year!! SUFP supporters are the real deal. Portland is next!!!
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