SUFP has funded the surgeries for Lincoln’s ears and yesterday she got her second surgery and is now recovering. This beautiful soul has been through years of hell and once healed she will finally be pain free and ready to live the rest of her life knowing nothing but love and respect. These are complicated hard surgeries so we hope she recovers okay and once healed she will be ready for a loving forever home. We will keep posted. Please send her all the love you can muster. ❤️❤️

Surgery went well today for Lincoln. I have attached some pics. She will finally be ready for a new home in two weeks. 5-6 yrs old and has endured a horrific past life. She would be best in a only dog home or a very submissive male. No cats or small pets. She is housebroken, crate trained and a super big cuddle bug. She is on HA prescription food. She weights 65 lbs. She is essentially deaf now but can feel vibrations and just follows you around. Honestly she is the best dog. I can take food and bones from her. I have never seen her growl and anyone even when we first got her and she was in so much pain. We can’t thank you enough for helping this sweet baby.

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