Big thanks to PEOPLE for showcasing this much needed massive effort in honor of a perfect Angel. While the SUFP Foundation mission is educating, advocating and saving the lives of pit bull type dogs with focus on ending dogfighting and discrimination, we are also now donating thousands and created an initiative to treat the problem not just the symptom. Spaying and neutering is the most effective way to save lives so we will continue to keep making this a priority. Spaying and neutering prevents millions of unwanted animals from ending up in shelters and it does not get the attention or support it deserves. Pulling and placing dogs is a hamster wheel we will never get off of if breeding, irresponsible ownership and lack of resources for people who want to get their dogs fixed but can’t afford it are not made available. Spay/Neuter ANGEL Day has grown from 9 cities last year to 11 cities this year fixing an additional 150 dogs. We want that to keep growing but need everyone to help. You can help by donating at and/or research which rescue groups in your area offer free clinics regularly and donate and/or volunteer for them.
We all have to do our part and there is much work to be done. Take a step today in becoming part of the solution. Lives are depending on it.  CLICK HERE FOR FULL ARTICLE

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