CALLING ON THE GOOD HUMANS OF ARLINGTON VA!!! It’s  is time to help your local shelter animals!! On April 26th from 4-7p there will be a Volunteer standing curbside to help you with your shelter supply donations. These simple supplies make all the difference in the world to animals stuck in the shelter system. Please take a look at the supplies needed on this poster then take that extra step to come drop by some supplies. Every single effort matters and even if this the only thing you do all year, that’s huge! Please feel free to print this out and hang it wherever anyone allows and encourage others to come together and help your local shelter animals on April 26th. Thank you!!!

There are a few tickets left for the show and are available at Come help save lives!

Animal Welfare League of Arlington Ring Dog Rescue Stand Up For Pits Foundation, Inc Pibbles4HOPE

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