SUFP is so happy to report all the babies and mama are doing great! The SUFP Foundation is happy we could help by donating a $2000.00 grant and are so grateful for the dedicated humans at Forgotten Dogs Rescue who saved all these inherently good lives. 

People have been asking about adopting her puppies, please contact the rescue directly for details. Thank you!! 

Repost Forgotten Dogs Rescue 

While mama Yuki has been busy making sure her little piglets are nice, full, and fat, we at FDR are busy trying to stay on top of all the craziness that happens when you pull a very pregnant dog from the shelter, help deliver 6 puppies, then rush mom to the vet for an emergency c-section to deliver the other 4 puppies all within 24 hours. 

We’ve been on a roller coaster the last few days, and we would like to extend a HUGE thank you to Rebecca Corry and the SUFP Foundation for their donation and their never ending love and support. There are no words to accurately express the love and gratitude we feel for Rebecca and the SUFP foundation. Mama Yuki, the puppies, and all of us at FDR will be forever grateful for all that you do for us and all the countless dogs you help. Thank you from the bottom of our hippo hearts

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