Here is a letter SUFP received asking for us to share this precious senior. Please read and share!! Thank you!!
Dear Founders, Staff and Volunteers of Stand Up For Pits Foundation,
My name is Roxana and I am a volunteer at San Gabriel Valley Humane Society (SGVHS) located in the greater Los Angeles area. I just want to first state that I truly appreciate all the work you are doing!
I am e-mailing regarding one of the dogs at our shelter who we think could really benefit from a rescue. Munchies is a 12 year old senior American Staffordshire Mix who has been in the shelter for over 2 years. She is passed up daily by adopters. She was surrendered by a family when they moved and could not take her and was most likely a backyard dog.  The situation is becoming urgent as she has arthritis and kennel living is becoming increasingly uncomfortable for her and she is losing weight.  She loves people and going on walks.  She does not like cats. It is recommended that she be a single dog in the household.  After she has had time to decompress out of the shelter environment it may be possible to try her with other dogs.  She is spayed, up to date on vaccinations and microchipped.
Please consider helping Munchies! We have volunteers that can help transport! Volunteers have contacted hundreds of rescues throughout CA, OR, and AZ with no luck.  She is a volunteer and staff favorite and we just do not want the last chapter of her life to end in a shelter.
If you have any questions you can continue contacting me or you can contact our shelter directly at 626.286.1159 and ask to speak with Jenny.
Thank you for your time and consideration and I welcome any comments or suggestions.
Below is our rescue form detailing some information about her, as well as some links to photos and videos of her.  I look forward to hearing from you,
•Name: Munchies – Senior living in the shelter for 2 years; available for rescue and adoption
•Age: 12 Breed mix: American Staffordshire Terrier Mixer
•Time at the shelter: over 2 years Weight: 54
•Spayed/Neutered: Yes Up to date on shots: Yes Micro chipped: Yes
•Urgency: Munchies is a senior of nearly 12 years and has been in the shelter for 2 years.  Our community prefers small, young dogs, so nearly 12 year old Munchies has a very small chance of adoption with us.  Last year she developed skin allergy at the shelter (she was okay the first few months) which is manageable with fish/no grain diet and weekly medicated baths to relieve itching .  It seems like she lost some weight in the last 3 months or so. For these reasons, we are actively seeking a rescue who can provide Munchies a temporary, more comfortable home and be in a position to find her a forever family who can love her in the remaining years of her life.
•Other dogs: Munchies seems good with dogs in the shelter’s playgrounds (separated by fence). She is also relaxed with dogs in close proximity during walks to a park.  She does especially well with one other particular dog, a Staffy Mix named Luna Lovegood, with whom she regularly plays in our parallel playgrounds (separated by fence). However, at home she might need slow, supervised introduction to multi-dog household.  She was adopted briefly a year ago to a home with another large dog with whom she did very well during introduction at the shelter but unfortunately she wasn’t doing doing well with resident dog at home and she was returned just after few days after adoption.  Thus we recommend Munchies being a single dog at first until she decompresses from stress of living in a shelter. Then she might be good in multi- dog household with slow, supervised introduction.
•Cats: No.  Does not do well with cats
•Kids: Yes. She did well interacting at outreach / adoption events, she was gentle and respectful, gently taking treats and giving up toys
•New people?: Friendly when meeting people?: Great with new people, all kinds of people! She’s terrific with grooming and vet visits too.
•What is the energy level? High to low?: Medium. She had a sleepover with one of the volunteers and was very easy going and low energy indoors but still is happy and bouncy on her walks
•What issues does the dog need to work on such as excessive barking, toy/food aggression and other?:
•Is the dog housebroken? Unknown/possibly; she was an owner surrender living in a home, but she has been living in a shelter for nearly 2 years and would have to be introduced back to a potty schedule. Recent sleepover at volunteer’s home-no accidents.
•Crate or leash trained? Good on a leash
•Knows basic commands?: Yes; basic
•City: San Gabriel, CA. (Greater Los Angeles area) Website: http://www.sgvhumane.org/
Shelter Manager: Jennifer Gener,  626-286-1159.
San Gabriel Valley Humane Society
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