The life changing and saving results that come from Stand Up For Pits is something we never tire of and exactly why we remain so dedicated to making each and every event a successful one. Hard work and teamwork pays off every time. We thank Pibble4Hope for understanding that and for the amazing work they do. We look forward to working with them next year!

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Pibbles4Hope would like to give a HUGE thank you to Stand Up For Pits Foundation, Inc! As a newer 501c3 organization, you trusted us to the point of allowing us to be apart of your recent Arlington, VA event. 

With this partnership, we were able to raise enough funds for a project we have only dreamed of doing.  And with your support our project is now underway! Each one of our homeless/tentcity/low income dogs are finally getting the full work up at a vets office!. We have been doing the “what we could” with the little financial resources we had. But between Stand Up for Pits and Dale City Animal Hospital our dream project is now coming true! 

Yesterday, Ace was the first of many more to come – to get a complete physical, full line up of shots, blood work, heartworm test, fecal test, ear cleaning and nail trim done.  With the donations we received, he also got a new collar, leash and many more items to go. 

From our team to Stand Up for Pits and Dale City Animal Hospital – your support and trust, means so much to many and we can not thank you enough!

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