The indignant attitude we experience daily from humans who email us asking us to share the pet they are abandoning and/or are done with because they got a job, had a baby, got busy … blah, blah, blah… is repugnant. Dogs are LIVES not toys. Their lives are not a game for you to play with. But if you don’t have the capacity to understand this and lack all common sense and a heart, then the next time you ask a rescue or foundation to clean up your mess, also consider making a donation to support that organization. After all it’s you who are contributing to the mess that animal welfare is faced with daily to clean up. If you are going to be the problem, the least you can do is contribute to the groups busting their asses every day to try and fix it. 

Then, when you have children, please teach them to be different than you. Teach them compassion, integrity and respect for life. Teach them to value commitment and let them know it’s not okay to do what you did to an animal and then reassure them you won’t do it to them either. 

#humansaretheproblem #dumbisdangerous #standupforpits #parentsteachyourchildren

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