WE ARE THRILLED FOR GATSBY!! Take a moment to read the message below from PittieLove Rescue, Inc.
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Hi Rebecca!
We have some very exciting news! Gatsby is in a foster-to adopt home (adoption happening this weekend!!) We have been working with this family for several months, and they were very patiently waiting for the right fit for their family.
Well, they saw Gatsby on the website, then heard about his surgery, saw his progress, and they were completely drawn to him. A few days after his surgery, he went their house to recover and they fell in love immediately. He fits in perfectly with their young kids, and they wanted to make it official right away. We wanted to wait until he was completely healed and has the green light from the vet, but his new family is so committed to him and willing to do anything for him to help in his recovery and transition.
Thanks to your extremely generous grant, his post-surgery veterinary bills will be covered (and he got that ice cream cone to celebrate)! He is home, and so loved. He’s such a trooper.
The adoption will be made official this weekend, and I will be sure to send you the family photo. We were too excited to wait to tell you!
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