A few days ago, we shared this precious soul who was going to be euthanized at a Los Angeles shelter because she was “out of time.” Everyone shared her and because of simply retweeting and sharing she has been SAVED! This baked potato gets to live her life she has always deserved. Thanks to all who shared!

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Bubbles Update!!! You guys remember Bubbles the Bully Baked Potato from Downey Shelter in Los Angeles who was on her last day? A Pudge Fan drove there after seeing the post on my page (original post @rebeccacorry And @keren_thedodo) with the intention to “foster” Bubbles and in turn ended up “adopting” Bubbles. This wasn’t her original plan at the time but wanted to get her out alive and the shelter would only adopt her out. The following morning I spoke with the “adopter” @jsandoval8130 and we came up with a plan. The only reason I have this “plan” is bc my friend John from @ipittythebull stepped up and helped me piece one together and he is a ray of sunshine and he is also a unicorn. @jsandoval8130 is going to foster her for as long as it takes to get her into the perfect home which is going to be decided by @ipittythebull whichever lucky Rescue in Los Angeles gets to support Bubbles The Bully Baked Potato. So far we know she is sweet, funny and housebroken. She also enjoys food. She didn’t enjoy @jsandoval8130 window treatments so she redecorated. She currently resembles a potato with Hippo heritage. Her religion is unknown although we believe she’s possibly Jewish (??). We will know more info about her as her life unfolds and I will keep you posted. Thank you to @jsandoval8130 for fostering her and being a solid foster mom and especially to @ipittythebull for helping me across the country to find a great home for Bubbles. @rebeccacorry for staying on top of this with me and supporting me with resources in Los Angeles and for offering to help with her vetting.  Stay tuned. We already think she might be Part Egyptian. You can follow her now @jsandoval8130

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