Discrimination towards pit bull “type” dogs has been unabashedly happening and supported by ignorant human beings for decades. These dogs have been unapologetically vilified, are used as pathetic headline click bait and then are blamed, killed, abused and fought daily. This company is choosing, in 2018, to jump on that pathetic and shameful bandwagon. Discrimination is clearly alive and well and these particular victims don’t even have voices. They are constantly at the mercy of human monsters. This behavior and thinking is far more dangerous than any dog of any kind could ever be. I flew Delta with Angel before and now I will never fly Delta again and I will encourage everyone to do the same. I don’t trust anyone with my life who doesn’t respect the lives of others. If someone wants to write up a call to action which includes the names of this particularly pathetic decision, along with their email addresses and phone numbers, I will happily share it and support it. -Rebecca Corry

#standupforpits #banignorancenotdogs 


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