This is what BSL looks like.

This is why we marched and why we educate and advocate every single day. BSL is fear based ignorance and discrimination enshrined in law. It’s genocide and humanities way of taking no responsibility for the mess we’ve made. Murdering innocent souls is barbaric and any groups or individuals who support BSL and the destroying a “type” of any living being based solely on it’s appearance is a danger to our society and a threat to humans and pets. When you vote, please educate yourself on what that candidate thinks about inherently good dogs and discriminatory laws. Gavin Newsom compared pit bull type dogs to “polar bears” and “lions” and has never publicly retracted those ignorant comments. This man has the power to sign laws that could ban our dogs and there are so many more uneducated law makers out there who daily prove to be more dangerous than any dog of any kind could ever be. Keep being their voice and doing all you can to end the horrors of discrimination. Lives are depending on it.

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The reality of #BSL for the Veterinary profession. Healthy, rehomeable, innocent, loving dogs euthanized.

BSL Legislation
If you instill hatred, fear & discrimination, then you are the monsters, not the dogs.

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